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May 1st, 2020

Dear Mayor Faulconer,

I [own, manage, work at] the [name of business], a small business in the City of San Diego that is [currently closed/restricted] due to COVID-19.  So far, we estimate that we have lost [x amount of dollars] due to the closure.

Thank you for recently making $6 million of the City’s current budget available for small businesses.  Realizing you and the City Council are facing tough decisions regarding the FY21, I was glad to see the federal government issued $248 million to the City to assist with COVID-19 related losses and expenses.

The City needs its small businesses to survive, and right now the small businesses like [name of business] need help to do that.

Can you please make $120 million of the federal money available as soon as possible so we can survive and thrive together?


Respectfully and appreciatively,


[your name, title, address]


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