Adams Avenue Street Fair Vendor/Exhibitor Application

September 21 & 22, 2024

Exhibitor Information


The Adams Avenue Street Fair is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, September 21 & 22, 2024. Please fill out the exhibitor application below and push submit to pay for your space. Booth reservations are on a first come, first served, paid basis.

All Food vendors and non-food vendors with a corner walk-through, are provided with a 10′ walkway between booths. Nothing can be placed in the walkway or outside of your 10’x10′ space. Your display and all storage must fit entirely within the 10′ X 10′ space provided, including canopies, umbrellas, signage, appliances, and all other material.

Standard (non-food) booths located in blocks C, D & H must remain open to the public in two directions (no side walls). Corner walk-throughs located in C, D & H must remain open to the public in three directions.

Electricity for non-food vendors is limited to Block E. Food vendor electric availability is noted on the map below. Electricity is only available to vendors who pay for the extra charge up-front. As an alternative we encourage you to bring battery operated lighting or whisper-silent generators. Generators that interfere with neighboring vendors are not permitted. The event runs primarily in the daytime. The AABA provides two light towers per block for evening operations.

Booth Layout
Booth Layout
Booth Layout

Please fill out the exhibitor application below and push the “Submit” button to pay for your space.

Food – Full Plate

10×20 without electricity $1600.00

10×20 with electricity $1700.00

Food – Side Dish / Dessert

10×10 without electricity $1050.00

10×10 with electricity $1150.00

Food – Prepackaged

10×10 without electricity $550.00

10×10 with electricity $650.00

Food Truck (self contained- No power provided) $1000.00



Arts Craft & Retail

10×10 standard $475.00

10×10 with electricity $575.00

10×10 corner walk-through $550.00

10×10 corner and electric $650.00

10×20 standard                                             $950.00

10×20 with electricity                                $1,025.00

10×20 corner                                              $1,025.00

10×20 corner w/ electric                          $1,100.00




Corporate Business Lead Generator*

10×10 standard $750.00

10×10 with electricity $825.00

10×10 corner $825.00

10×10 corner and electric                           $900.00

10×20 standard                                          $1,500.00

10×20 corner                                              $1,575.00

10×20 w/ electric                                        $1,575.00

10×20 corner w/ electric                          $1,650.00

*anyone not selling physical products