Have you noticed the wonderful new addition to Adams Avenue? A former vacant lot and neighborhood eyesore that once occupied the NE corner of Adams and Arizona has been masterfully transformed into a meditation garden that is open for the public to enjoy. The labor and materials as well as the design required to produce this pocket park was donated by the local Sri Chimnoy community as homage to their spiritual leader who’s likeness is represented in the garden by a bronze statue. The planning and construction of the area was accomplished at a record breaking pace. The property owner agreed to allow the garden to be built after being approached with the idea by local business operators. Members of the Sri Chimnoy own several successful businesses on Adams Avenue including Jyoti Bihanga Vegetarian Restaurant, Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga Studio and Papaha’s Art Gallery. The peace garden’s dedication occurred earlier this January during an hour long ceremony attended by nearly 100 people.