Mayor Faulconer has proposed to remove all parking along 2.5 miles of 30th Street from Adams Avenue to Juniper Street for protected bike lanes. 


 Safe protected bike lanes are good for communities, but eliminating all parking is not.

  • The original proposal for protected bike lanes along 30th street called for eliminating 100% of parking on the street.
  • Parking for customers, people with disabilities, delivery drivers, ride share drop-offs, and valet zones are critical to the success of our businesses.

Plans exist that would ensure safe, protected bike lanes on 30th St. while minimizing the loss of on-street parking.

  • The North Park, El Cajon Blvd. and Adams Avenue Business Districts have conducted studies over the past five years that show we can have both: safe bike lanes and parking.
  • Protected bike lanes have been installed Downtown that have preserved on-street parking.


Please contact Mayor Faulconer and let him know that you support a plan that gives us both:

safe bike lanes and parking on 30th St.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer: [email protected]  (619) 236 6330

Kevin Faulconer, City Administration Bldg, 202 “C” Street 11th Floor, San Diego 92101


Link to letter mailed to AABA small business owners and property owners for more info: